Special Features


Ask the moderator a question from your computer, tablet or smartphone.


Complimentary WiFi

Enjoy the complimentary WiFi throughout the conference area. Login information is available on-site.


Mobile Symposium App

If you are on a smartphone we invite you to access the mobile version of our site, including access to the Symposium schedule, archive videos from past Symposiums, easy access to our Cyber QA feature and much more.

iPhone App

Download the Chemotherapy Symposium 2013 iPhone app. The app allows you to watch lectures from the 2011 Chemotherapy Foundation Symposium, catch up on the @tcfsymposium twitter feed, post tweets, and follow the Symposium Agenda. It also provides updates on hotel, and CME information.

Special Steps For Downloading App From an iPAD:

Step 1: Click on the App store icon
Step 2: In the Search box (upper-right corner) enter "cfsymposium"and press the magnifying glass icon
Step 3: The results will show that the App is not found.
Step 4: Along the top of the page, you need to filter your search through the "iPhone Store." Once you resubmit your search using the iPhone store filter, the symposium App should come up and you can download and install it from there.

Questions: email andy.beloff@mssm.edu.